What is polymer clay? 

Polymer clay is a type of hardening modeling clay with a PVC resin base. Lots of folks assume that polymer clay is a natural material, or clay itself- polymer clay acts like clay, but it’s not. It typically contains no clay minerals, but like mineral clay a liquid is added to dry particles until it achieves gel-like working properties, and similarly, the finished design is put into an oven to harden, hence its colloquial designation as clay. Despite being an unnatural substance, polymer clay is perfectly safe to wear and use! Unlike resin, polymer clay doesn’t release toxins while it cures. 

What kind of metal hardware do you use? 

The type of metal hardware used will be listed in the description of any pair of earrings, because it varies a lot. I strive to use surgical or stainless steel pieces whenever I can, but sometimes my source for these materials disappears or raises their prices. My earrings will always be nickel free at the bare minimum, and most pairs are made with surgical steel hardware, but always check the description to know for sure! 

Are your earrings heavy? 

No! The total opposite actually- polymer clay becomes incredibly light when cured, and my heaviest pairs still only weigh about half of an ounce! For reference, a quarter weighs about ¾ of an ounce. Most pairs weigh about .3 ounces, and are so light you can barely feel them! This is why polymer clay earrings are perfect if you’re going to be wearing them all day or multiple days in a row. 

How durable are polymer clay earrings? 

Polymer clay is both a pliable and durable material, but can be a bit finicky when it comes to weather and the conditions it's stored in. You should never leave your earrings out in direct sunlight, or wear them in consistent cold weather. In the heat, they’ll bend or scratch due to how pliable they become. In extreme cold, they become fragile and could shatter easily. 

How should I store my earrings when I’m not using them? 

Most of the hardware I use is gold plated, which means it needs to be cared for in order to retain that gold color and shine. Don’t store your earrings in the bathroom if avoidable, as shower steam quickens the deterioration of gold plating. 

Additionally, polymer clay earrings should always be stored in a box or on a storage tree if possible. NEVER leave your earrings loose in a purse or a makeup bag. 

How long will it take for the earrings to ship to me? 

My pieces are not made to order, which means I likely have them and are ready to ship them to you when you place your order! However, I reserve the right to take up to a week getting the order packaged and shipped out. This is a one person operation, and some tasks that seem quick and easy take longer to complete. If you placed an order and it still hasn’t shipped within a week, send me an email or DM me on instagram. 

Do you allow returns? 

No. If you purchase a pair of earrings and they arrive intact, I will not accept the item if it is returned. The primary reason for this isn’t that I don’t want you to have that option, but that I don’t have time to process those requests. Again, being a one-person operation means that I have to set boundaries that allow me to work most efficiently. 

What if my earring does break? 

If your earring breaks I’ll ask you to DM or email me photos of the earrings. Make sure that the broken piece is clearly visible and give me a short description of what happened. There are certain situations that I will not replace or refund your broken earrings, including wearing them in poor weather conditions, letting a dog or child get ahold of them, stepping on them, etc. Each situation however is totally unique, so always let me know what happened. In most cases, I won’t refund or replace the earrings, but I will issue you a gift card to use on your next purchase. 

Where do you source your materials? 

All of my hardware, including findings and jump rings are sourced from small businesses around the country. A lot of research and care goes into finding these vendors, but because of the nature of small businesses, these vendors change often. 

Cutters and tools that I use to create the designs are also sourced from small businesses in the U.S. I’ve worked with hundreds of different shops and love to look for new cutter designers all the time! Polymer clay cutters are typically 3D printed, and so the designs are only limited to one's imagination. 

If I need a small amount of a certain hardware or bead, I will always turn to the two local bead shops in town: Bathing Beauties Beads or the Crystal Limit. Bathing Beauties always has gorgeous pearl options and the Crystal Limit has lots of gold plated beads that I enjoy using. 

There is no local or small business polymer clay dealer, so most of my orders are placed with Sculpey, Michael’s, or Joann’s. 

Where can I shop your earrings in person? 

You should always check out my instagram for where I am going to be, but typically you can find me at Montana HandMade Fairs, the Saturday Market in Missoula, and other local pop up shows in Missoula! 

Do you do wholesale? 

Yes! You can check out my wholesale options here on my Faire site, or reach out to me directly via email about your inquiry.