Clay Club

What is Clay Club? Its a monthly subscription for exclusive earrings and offers that aren't available on my website! 

Do you love receiving new and seasonal earrings but have trouble keeping up with launches? By signing up for the subscription, you're guaranteed a new pair of earrings every month! Along with a new pair of earrings, you'll receive an exclusive add-on, in the form of an original artwork, stickers, photo holder, magnet, etc. 

So what's the price breakdown? Most of my earrings run between $30-45, while magnets, photo holders, prints etc. are around $10-20. Each box with contain up to a $65 value for the monthly cost of $40. Five dollars of that price is to cover shipping the box of goodies, so really you're paying $35 for up to $65 of goodies! 

There will only be 20 subscription spots available for the first six months! This is so that I can keep up with producing high quality products for the subscription, and also so that the earrings you receive are small batch and slow made.


 How to Sign Up

1: Visit: 

2: Click the "Join Tier" button and input your information! 

3: Sit at home and wait for your earrings to arrive at your door! 



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